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Uncertainty Budgets

Clause 7.6 requires laboratories to identify the contributions to measurement uncertainty.

A laboratory carrying out calibrations is required to evaluate and report the measurement uncertainty for all calibrations.

A laboratory performing testing is required to evaluate the uncertainty associated with all tests. Where a test method precludes rigorous evaluation an evaluation of the uncertainty associated with the principles of the test is required.

For tests or calibrations that allow a rigorous evaluation of their associated uncertainty, we can carry out a full assessment of the uncertainty; this will include:

1. Identifying the sources of the uncertainty

2. Evaluating each uncertainty component

3. Quantifying each component

4. Calculating the total uncertainty associated with the test or calibration

Some tests and calibrations require experimental studies to create the quantitative information required to compute the uncertainties. When necessary, we can design and document the experiments, including providing instructions for their execution.

The package includes:

1. A document explaining the sources (components) of the uncertainty

2. An explanation of the evaluation of each component

3. An explanation of how each component is quantified

4. A calculation of the total uncertainty associated with the test or calibration

5. A validation document for any spreadsheets used

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