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Transition Gap Analysis

The latest edition of the ISO 17025 International Standard was published on the 30 November 2017. There is a 36-month transition period, ending on 30 November 2020, when all laboratories accredited to the 2005 edition of the International Standard must transition to the 2017 edition. The 2005 edition will not be valid after 30 November 2020, and any laboratories which are not accredited to the current edition will have their accreditation withdrawn by their respective accrediting body.

As a result of the changes made to the ISO 17025 International Standard it will be necessary to make some changes to the documents that make up your quality management system.

The primary objective of this service is to identify the elements of your quality management system that need to be upgraded to conform with the 2017 edition of the ISO 17025 International Standard. The service consists of the following:

The documents that need to be created are discussed under Quality Management Documents.

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