Quality Planning

Clauses 6.2 (Personnel), 6.4 (Equipment), 7.7 (Ensuring the validity of Results), 8.3 (Control of Management System Documents) and 8.8 (Internal Audits) all require ongoing activities to be carried to ensure continued conformance with the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 International Standard.

The activities that need to be carried out to meet these requirements need to be identified, justified and scheduled in for action. In addition, the completion of these activities needs to be recorded.

We can help you identify the activities you need to carry out to meet the ongoing quality requirements. Together with developing the necessary justifications, in addition to preparing the necessary documentation.

This Service will require a significant time to be spent to identify the activities that need to be carried out. Therefore, It will be necessary to spend at least two days with laboratory management and staff discussing the laboratory’s requirements.

Once all the requirements have been identified, a quality plan will be prepared. This will

  1. Discuss the laboratory’s quality philosophy and strategy
  2. Identify the activities that will be carried and provide a justification for their selection
  3. Establish a schedule for the quality activities

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